Career development, Leadership and Entrepreneurship project

Career is a succession of professions, skills and positions that a person has during the active period of life. Choosing the profession is an important moment in everyone’s life, constituting one of the major premises of social insertion. In order to choose the right career, it is necessary to know about different factors, of a personal, educational, economic or contextual nature. For this reason, career planning involves complex, long-term approaches, such as school guidance, career guidance, career counseling, each with its own specific characteristics.

The inter-institutional collaboration project “Career development, leadership and entrepreneurship” was carried out in 2015 between Constanta Maritime University, Technical Energetic College Constanta, Stargate Crewing Agency SRL, SC AINOSTRI SRL, SC Admirals Crewing Agency SRL and OTIMMC Constanta with the support of the European Centre for Social Responsibility.

The project aimed at the inter-institutional collaboration regarding the organization and participation in the Conference “Constanta Technical Energetic College Students Career Development, Leadership and Entrepreneurship”, aimed at the participation of 11th and 12th grade students from school year 2014-2015 from Constanta Technical Energetic College. By attending the conference. high school students had the opportunity to meet guests from both academia and business, with a key role in the development of their subsequent career. The event was held on May 8, 2015, at the headquarters of Constanta Technical Energetic College.