Energy Efficiency projects

The goal of Paris Agreement, signed in 2016 within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is to deal with greenhouse-gas-emissions and to limit the increase of global average temperature to 1.5 Celsius degrees, in order to reduce the risks and effects of climate change. However, in 2017, none of the major industrialized nations were implementing the policies they had envisioned and have not met their pledged emission reduction targets (Souce: doi:10.1038/548025a). Urgent measures of energy efficiency must be taken to compensate lack of responsibility. ECSR encourage companies implement and commit to energy policies and to develop strategies for improving efficiency and reducing costs for new and existing facilities. Investing in clean renewable energies is a smart desiderate boosting both business and society.


ECSR projects stimulate research and innovation in energy efficiency. We organize planting trees teambuilding projects and carbon footprint awareness campaigns. We commit to our own energy policy and we guide our volunteers in minimizing the energy consumption impact.