International video contest "Smart Transport Technologies"

“Smart Transport Technologies” International Video Contest was an European-Asian educational project established in 2018-2019 between the European Center for Social Responsibility and Hong Kong Community College, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The objective of the project is to establish a partnership of international cooperation in education between the European Center for Social Responsibility and Hong Kong Community College., The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) in order to motivate the young generation, acknowledge the importance of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) during highschool and college education; and develop confidence and passion for a career in science and innovation, organised targeting the participation of students from Romania and Hong-Kong high-schools and colleges in the terminal years of study.

The video contest had the following regulations:

  1.  The participants to the International Video Contest “Smart Transport Technologies” must create and upload on YouTube a brief but innovative video of maximum    3 minutes lenght, made by themselves, containing the presentation of a Smart Transport Technology.
  2.  At the video contest can participate one independent student or teams of students from high schools or colleges in the final year of education. It is highly encouraged the participation of female students, therefore it is mandatory for the teams of students to include in the team at least one female student participant. It is possible the participation of student(s) in the first years of high school/college education, only if they are member(s) in a team with at least one members to explain in the video how they have used in their project the knowledge gathered in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). Participants are encouraged to ask for and use the support, advice and recommendations from the teachers who teach such disciplines.
  3.  Non-exhaustively, in the context of the international video contest, the definition of term “SMART” means “any action, product or system that is innovative or has an innovative use, is sustainable, economic and improves the work and life of people”. Smart Transport Technology can be, for example:
      • a prototype of an innovative vehicle which is environmental friendly, has low energy consumption or was produced with low costs;

      • a vehicle that can be build or produced easily, without significant effort, is not expensive and can be used on large scale by people or workers;

      • an innovative system of transport that can reduce bottlenecks and/or improves safety of circulation inside or outside cities;

      • an ordinary object or vehicle with an innovative use, improving life of citizens or the work of people in transport industry or logistics;

      • an ordinary object with an ordinary use but with innovative results, that can be used in transport or logistics;

      • an innovative and/or sustainable solution useful for the development of transports and/or logistics;

      • the use of alternative energies in producing vehicles or transport technologies

      • technologies or vehicles prototypes that can be used in SMART ports, SMART logistics, SMART cities or for well-being of SMART life

  4.  In the short 3 minutes video, the participant(s) should briefly present: 
      • the project title

      • the name of the participant(s), name of high-school or college, city and country

      • the utility of the project

      • the description of the project, including a demonstration (if is the case)

      • why the project is Smart?

  5.  The video must be done at any venue desired by the participant(s), with any type of video camera, phone or other multimedia means. If the duration of the video exceeds 3 minutes, the video can’t be considered for the contest.
  6.  The language used in the video and in the Registration Form must be only English.
  7.  The video must be uploaded on YouTube by the participant(s).
  8.  Only The Registration Form containing the link with the YouTube video will be sent to the organizers by e-mail. No video file should be sent by e-mail to the contest organizers. The Registration Form must be sent until 1 November 2018 to: 
      • Ms. Cristina Dragomir at e-mail (only for Romanian participants)

      • Mr. Joseph Lau at e-mail (only for Hong Kong participants), who will make a shortlist of maximum 6 best videos for each country. The shortlists will be presented to the international jury on 10 November 2018.

  9.   On 10 November 2018 the international jury will select from the shortlists the best Romanian/European and Hong Kong/Asian Teams. The award will consist in 3 international Diplomas and Medals for the winning teams on 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. All the participating high schools and colleges will receive participation certificates, mentioning the name of the participants and the coordinating teachers (if any).
  10.  Special members of the jury will be representatives of transport and logistics industry and one representative of the European Center of Social Responsibility.
The expected results of the Educational Project were the following:
– To implement an educational, scientific and intercultural dialogue between Romanian and Hong Kong universities involved as partners in the Educational Project;
– To motivate the young generation, emphasizing female students participation, to follow academic education and careers in the field of transport and logistics;
– To help the young generation acknowledge the importance of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for further careers in transport and logistics;
– To encourage high-school/college STEM teachers cooperate in interdisciplinary guidance of students to participate with projects in the international video contest;
– To stimulate the young generation develop curiosity and passion for science and innovation in transport and logistics.
Jointly organised by the Division of Business and Hospitality Management and European Center for Social Responsibility, the “Smart Transport Technologies” International Video Contest held its Award Presentation Ceremony on 6 September 2019 at PolyU West Kowloon Campus. A team formed by CHU Kiu-chun, SUN Tsz-kei and WONG Ming-wai became the champion. The main outcome of the project was the participants have enhanced their problem   solving and critical thinking skills through the competition.