EUROPEAN CENTER FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (ECSR) is the first association established in 2008 in Romania,aimed at implementing the overall concept of triple bottom line (TBL or 3BL) within business community. This concept reffers to the following three organizational pillars: “social, economic and environmental” in the case of non-profit organizations and “people, profit and environment” for economic organizations.

EUROPEAN CENTER FOR SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY has the aim to develop actions related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,e.g.:contribution to sustainable development of the business communities,active participations of citizens in sustainable community life,environmental protection,gender equality and equity,health and well-being programs,promotion of citizens’ interests and rights,fair trade and maritime fair trade,social,cultural and educational programs encouraging Science,Technology,Engineering,Art and Math (STE(A)M) etc.

Triple bottom line concept refers to the following three organizational pillars:  “people,profit and environment” for economic organizations and “social,economic and environmental for associations and non-profit organizations.

We communicate high and clear that not everything is about figures,profit or bussines output.People need people support in developing societal well being,ehile lack of involvment and loss of responsability badly affects not only the persons surrounding us,but also the next generations.The activities of ECSR aim to raise awareness to a global dimension.Board members are from all the continents and ECSR is continuously open to include new members all over the world.

ECSR develops non-profit,capacity development programs,philanthropy,mentorship and sponsorship,environmental and social projects for communities across the globe,based on the limited donations of our members.We use wisely and transparently all the resources we receive,in order to best reach the ones in true need.

We invite you to join ECSR. Comprehend. Involve and evolve.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you!